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Morgan & Jacob | Candid couples posing | Snow Canyon State Park

As a Southern Utah engagement and wedding photographer I am such a sucker for candid couples poses. I love poses that showcase the couple's personality and relationship together. I would also like to stress how important it is to get to know your couple before your session to help you get a feel for what type of poses will make them the most comfortable and help them act the most like their true selves.

Some of my favorite candid couples poses are:

  1. Whisper in her ear: this one is meant to be snuggly and playful. The more laughs and giggles the better!

  2. Walk towards me and "hip bump": Most of the time when I explain this prompt to my couples they think I am joking or crazy. BUT I promise this pose gets the best laughs and you would be surprised how many couples do this very thing in public together.

  3. Airplane arms: This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I like to tell my couples to just go with the flow on this one as well. If they feel like snuggling, dancing, or kissing during this pose they can always go for it! It is meant to be a prompt to have them be themselves and not a set pose.

Those are some of my favorite candid couple poses. I hope this has helped you be creative and has given you some engagement session posing ideas and must-haves!

If you are looking for an engagement photographer or wedding photographer I would love to work with you! Message me for availability and let's work together!

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