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May 21, 2017

Going through high school and college I was always so terrified to get married.  Most of these thoughts came from fear of growing up, fear of facing finances, and of course fear of finding "the one" that would be my eternity.   If there is anything that I have learned thus far is that marriage is selfless.  It is those fun crazy times that you get to spend with someone you couldn't live without, yet having disagreements with someone you wish would always agree with you.


Now I have 3 rocks in my life that keep me strong, my savior, my sweet family (including my ginger sister that makes me laugh my socks off, my advice rendering mom, and my soft hearted dad), and now my sweet husband.  Hard times always come, and yet so do the great times.  I am so happy I married my sweet Loggy to share every single bit of those times with.


After visiting Disney Land, California Adventure, and Universal Studios for the second time in our married life, something hit me stronger than it has before.  I am so spoiled to get to travel with, cry with, cuddle with, and enjoy life's special moments with my sweetheart.  

I am so blessed. 

















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