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Tips for posing Seniors | St. George Utah

Tips for posing Seniors

As a Utah Wedding and Portrait photographer I often get asked for posing tips. Posing seniors during your Utah senior photo session can be especially tricky because it can feel as though there is only so many poses you can do with one person. Believe me I have felt the same way. That is why I am sharing some of my tips and tricks.

There are a few of my go to poses. Hands in hair, walking, folding arms, and more. Every pose I place my senior in I do a few things. For starters, I place them in a pose, I take a few up close shots, then I run back and get a full body shot of the same pose.

So not only to I get a full body shot as well as a close up shot of each pose I tell my seniors to do these three things for each pose. First I have them smile directly into the camera (Mom is always going to want lots of these). Next I have them look away off into the distance, either to their left or to their right. During this pose I will sometimes tell a funny joke to get them to laugh. Lastly I have them do a soft smile (with no teeth) looking directly at me.

As you can see just with doing each of these things per pose you are going to get a lot of pictures! Which is why I love using these tips during my senior sessions. More poses = more shots to choose from.

Lastly, don't forget to just have fun. The more fun you are having during your shoot the more comfortable your senior will be and the better her photos will turn out!

St. George Utah

Finding a good red rock location to shoot at can be tricky for a lot of reasons, but Red Cliffs here in St. George Utah is one of my favorite locations to shoot at. As a Southern Utah Photographer I love the red rocks, and St. George provides a lot of various locations to choose from.

I would love to work with you! Please contact me to book your senior session. To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram.


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