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Covid Wedding | Cedar City Temple Wedding | Jordan & Zac

Cedar City Temple Wedding | Covid Wedding

Oh Cedar City Temple, oh how I love you! As a Cedar City Wedding photographer I have truly missed shooting weddings at the Cedar City Temple. This was my first time stepping foot back on the Cedar City Temple grounds since the Corona Virus shut everything down. The temple is finally letting people on the grounds, and it this session was so beyond perfect. Big perk to getting your photos taken after before your actually wedding day is getting that gorgeous lighting. Can we all just swoon over these for a minute!

Jordan & Zac

Jordan & Zac actually got married a few months back, but because the temple wasn't allowing anyone on their grounds we decided to wait to get pictures later. I made them reenact their temple exit because why the heck not. Things still weren't the same, but hopefully these two will be able to cherish these photos for many years to come!

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