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Downtown Cedar City | Choosing a location | Cedar City Photographer

Choosing a location for your photoshoot

As a Southern Utah portrait and wedding photographer I find that my clients usually have a hard time deciding where to take their photos. Here are some tips I like to give when my clients to help make the decision process a little easier.

1. What color of backdrop do you like? Do you like the red rocks, green fields, deep evergreen trees or even dry land fields? The color of your backdrop will play an important role in deciding what you will wear and how your photos will look when hanging them on your wall.

2. After choosing the color of backdrop I either give my clients suggestions of places I have taken photos at in the past, or have them look at my instagram feed. I am always open to suggestions, although there is so much more to picking out a location than just what it looks like. Lighting, how the surroundings reflect on skin tones and so much more goes into me shooting at a location.

3. Get your outfits ready and let's get ready to party!

I know that last one isn't really a tip, but location really does play a big role in deciding what you will wear. If you are needing tips on how to choose your outfits read this blog post. Hopefully these tips help lighten the load that may come with choosing a location.

Downtown Cedar City

Who would have thought downtown Cedar City would make the perfect backdrop for senior photos. Honestly, I loved everything about this shoot. To my gorgeous senior Kaylee, to exploring different areas around town and to the gorgeous final product! I love being a Southern Utah Photographer, but I especially love being a Cedar City Senior Photographer

I would love to work with you! Please contact me to book your senior session. To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram.


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