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Excite Kids for Utah Family Photos | The McCabe Family

How to get your kids excited for family photos.

As a Utah Family Photographer I get the stress that comes from paying to have your photos professionally taken. There is coordinating outfits, deciding on a date, picking out a location, making sure your family is on time for your photos, and of course actually getting photos of your happy smiling family. (Did you laugh a little at that last one, don't worry I have too when getting my family pictures taken before). I am going to share a few tips that I have found to be very helpful in getting your kids excited for family pictures.

1. Hype up the location: Okay I am not telling you to lie to your children. But chances are they have never been to the location we are going to shoot at. About a week prior to your session start discussing where they will be going. What it will look like, how magical it will be... you get the point. It's a place they have never been and you all get to enjoy being there together.

2. Tell them about your photographer: As a family photographer I have noticed no matter what I do, some kids just have stranger danger. I always tell my clients to tell their kids something like, "we get to meet Kenzie, she is super fun and she gets to take our pictures in this awesome location. She is going to play lots of games with us." You can even show them a picture of me through my website.

3. Bribe: Yes I am a believer in the bribe, but this bribe comes with limits. I recommend not bringing the treats, presents or toys with you to the shoot. Often times kids get way to anxious and after the first picture they run for their treat and there is no stopping them. I recommend taking them out after our session. (Side note: I recommend not telling your kids during your session that they are "being horrible and are no longer getting their surprise". You may be tempted, but the tears and tantrums will start rolling.)

4. Lastly just remember to have fun. I love playing lots of games, and capturing raw and real emotion during my family sessions. If Mom and Dad are constantly yelling at their kids, and trying to get them to smile then they usually aren't smiling in photos themselves. Most of the time I can take the reigns and everyone can just enjoy their time together.

The McCabe Family

How adorable is the McCabe family? Let me just tell you these kids were just as fun and playful as they are adorable! They loved playing games together as a family and overall just had a lot of fun. This was such a gorgeous session, and one I will always remember.

I would love to work with you! Please contact me to book your family session. To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram.


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