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Cedar City Farm Family Pictures | Capdevila Family

Cedar City Farm Family Pictures | Southern Utah Photographer

Photographing the gorgeous Capdevila family at a farm in Cedar City, Utah could not have been more perfect. This Southern Utah farm is one of my favorite locations for so many reasons, and during this time of year it is so easy to see why! I love this spot because of the big green trees and the gorgeous backlight! Now let’s talk family posing and those intimate candid shots that you know Mom is going to want to cherish forever. As I am photographing a family I try and watch their dynamic together. A quick snuggle, face hold or kiss on the forehead can enhance the emotion in any given pose. For example, when I was capturing Mom with her girls they all leaned their heads in close to each other. I love the emotion of adding Mom’s hand to her little’s face. One quick fix to a pose can add so much emotion to a photo.

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