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creating emotion during family session | getting to know your family before a | family photo

creating emotion during family photo session | Cedar City Family Photographer

I know this sounds dramatic but as a Cedar City family photographer I have had so many family sessions that have made me emotional while editing this year. My goal as a Utah family photographer has always been to capture moments that are real, raw and genuine. To give prompts that help your family naturally react with their personality, and create images that my clients will cherish forever. So how does one create images that create emotion?

Being a photographer is an artistic skill. When painting a picture you make a perfect image, and there aren't crazy kids running around to try to get to behave. Getting to know my clients before hand through a few simple questions helps me capture each child and member of the family for what they truly are. This also helps me know what posing prompts to give my clients to help each child's personality shine.

I would love to work with you! Please contact me to book your family session. To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram.


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