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Must have camera gear | Utah wedding & family photographer | professional photographer

As a Utah wedding photographer and family photographer I frequently get asked what my go to camera equipment and "must haves" are to get the job done. So you want to know whats in my camera bag? From my mirrorless camera body, go to lenses, and everything in between. As a professional photographer I am sharing everything I need to shoot gorgeous photos that your clients will cherish forever.

My mirrorless camera (Canon R6) has been game changing when it comes to my photography business. I recently upgraded my Canon 5D mark iv to this camera and I will never go back. I love that I don't have to overshoot and pray that one photo turns out sharp. This camera is tact sharp every time. I also love that as I change my settings they change on screen. The guessing game is over with this camera.

I love that I can still use my EF lenses with this camera through this amazing adapter. When I put these lenses on this camera they felt like brand new, upgraded, and tack sharp lenses. If you are wanting to make the jump to a mirrorless camera, but don't want to fork out all the money to upgrade all of your lenses, this adapter is a must.

My go to lens for ALL of my family sessions, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, and some parts of the wedding day is my 50mm 1.2. I would say this baby is on my camera about 85% of my time shooting! And when I say she is my baby, she is my BABY! I love how crisp this lens is while creating the most amazing bokeh. I also love how that I can get landscape shots that are tack sharp as well. This lens is so versatile and a must for all family and wedding photographers.

My last lens is my Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I use this lens for a lot of my weddings. I love that this lens has a big range for me to zoom in and out while still being sharp. This is extremely helpful during wedding ceremonies. I am able to zoom in and/or out so I am not a big distraction during the ceremony. It is a huge must have for all of my wedding ceremonies, and I couldn't live without this lens as a wedding photographer. I have also done some real estate work with this lens and have loved it for that as well.

This SD card case is a MUST for any photographer who hold their photos dear to their heart and has to keep them safe from anything and everything. As a wedding photographer those SD cards hold a lot of valuable photos that need to be kept as safe as possible. This waterproof case gives me the extra peace of mind in protecting those photos until I can double back them up.

With that being said, that brings me to my favorite SD cards. As a wedding photographer it is important for me to have SD cards that can hold a lot of photos so I am not wasting a lot of precious time changing cards during those important moments. I also need a card that works fast so my camera isn't lagging. I love these SD cards for that very reason!

And of course you can never be too safe when it comes to wedding photos and family photos. I also double backup my photos until I send off the final gallery. I love these WD external hard drives for backing up all of my wedding photos (both raw and edited), family photos, and personal photos.

And of course with just about every wedding you can almost guarantee I will be shooting in some dark lighting situations. I do love the Canon R6 can shoot with a pretty high ISO without noticing a lot of grain, but in all honesty every camera has its limits. As a wedding photographer, I love this external flash for bride and groom exits, dark dancing, and really any situation that needs that extra boost of light!

The list could go on when it comes to my wedding and family photographer "must haves". With that being said if you found this post helpful, stay tuned because I will be sharing lots more of those things in the future!

Kenzie Mae ❤️




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