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My Family | Grass Field Summer Family Photos | Cedar City Photographer

As a Utah family photographer I cherish photos with me and my family SO much! This past year has been full of stress and change for us. Between building a new home, moving to a new place, my little boy going to preschool, and more. It has been a whirlwind.

It is amazing to me how photos not only bring back memories from when you took them, but they flood you with memories during that period of life. When I look at these photos of my family I am filled with feelings of immense love, heartache from trials we have faced together, laughter, and strength from simply going through all of life together. I wish I could freeze every moment with my littles, time seems forever fleeting. Obviously that is not possible, but photos are the best way for me to do that. I will cherish these for MANY years to come ❤️

Whether you are booking family photos, or just capturing everyday moments, please don't forget to take photos! Photos are God's way of freezing time for us so that we can reflect and love back on this beautiful life ❤️





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