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St George Family Photographer | Southern Utah | Duncan Family

Lifestyle Session | How to get those gorgeous candid photos

As a Utah family photographer these St George family photos were some of my very favorite. Oversharing is caring right? I cannot wait to share these with you!

There are 100 reasons why this location has just made it onto my top 10 here in Southern Utah. We actually found this location last minute. Alycia had first decided on a fall location, with lots of fall leaves. Last minute she changed her mind and asked if I could find a dry land field in New Harmony with the gorgeous Kolob fingers in the back. I didn't think it would be possible seeing the fingers are covered in sunlight until right before dark... but the magic we were able to create was beautiful!

When it comes to locations this one is gorgeous all year round. It makes for a gorgeous neutral backdrop that will look gorgeous hanging in your home no matter what time of year it is!

I would love to work with you! Please contact me to book your family session. To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram.








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Paula Paulson
Paula Paulson
17 de nov. de 2023

Hello! My family and I will be in St. George for the Thanksgiving holiday. We want to get family pictures taken next Friday, November 24th. Do you or any of your associates have any availability that day? Please LMK and Thank you! Paula Paulson 8018567170 or

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