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Tip to Creating Natural Family Poses | Utah Family Photographer | Pace Family

As a professional family photographer here in Cedar City Utah I crave natural, candid, and real life posing for family photos. Yes your clients get all dressed up for photos, but the photos that scream emotion and real life are the photos I want to create. Here are some of my tips to get those candid lifestyle poses that are so beautiful and timeless during a family photo session.

  1. Place your clients where you want them and then tell them to do talk, tell jokes, tickle and really just any kind of movement. I don't necessarily call this posing because you are giving them free reign to be themselves.

  2. Get to know your clients before hand. If they are cuddly place them in more cuddle positions. If they aren't, maybe do more active poses.

  3. Ask Mom what she wants to remember most about each little and incorporate that into your posing choices.

Family sessions can often feel chaotic, but my goal going into each session is to capture the joy, love and laughter that is often found in the chaos. I hope these family posing tips help, and happy family posing ❤️





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