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Utah Wedding Photographer | Candid Couple Posing | Engagement Photos

As a Cedar City Wedding and Engagement photographer I have been loving more of the candid and playful photos when it comes to couples posing. Engagement photos are a way to celebrate an upcoming wedding and enjoy such a fun time in the couples lives. Whether they believe it or not they both have a playful side (no matter how shy) and with lots of love during this stage of life these poses can easily scream how happy the couple is together.

Some of my go to poses for couples are the following:

  1. Bump hips while walking towards me. This may sound funny to the couple at first, but it always get the best laughs and smiles out of any couple.

  2. Wrap your arms around her and tell whisper something funny in her ear. Even if the guy isn't a stand up comedian this can usually get both of them laughing and smiling. If anything else I love how snuggly it can get them too.

  3. Piggy back ride turns into blowing in his ear. This pose screams playful and again I love all the smiles and snuggles it creates.

During every engagement session I always love to test my creativity and try something new. Getting your clients comfortable and having fun is so huge when it comes to candid couples posing.

I would love to work with you! Please contact me to book your engagement session. To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram.





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